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The new generation touch typing tutor software

The knowledge of touch typing has become inevitable today in the use of computers. With our typing tutor we show our users an easy and simple way to learn touch typing. Our typing tutor is self-understanding, so you can start right away (without lots of documentation). TypingQueen has a course of 20 typing lessons. Whether you are beginner or have experience in touch typing, this typing tutor is tailor-made for you. Even people with daily use can also improve their typing skills with TypingQueen. For example, you can reach 60 or more words per minute ( wpm ) without fail. New in this version: 4 typing games and typing test.

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TypingQueen - Typing Tutor


 - For beginners and advanced students
 - Course of 20 typing lessons
 - 3 level learning concept
 - 206 typing exercise texts
 - 4 typing games
 - Typing test
 - Free demo

Teaching Concept & Screens Teaching Concept & Screens Teaching Concept & Screens Teaching Concept & Screens Teaching Concept & Screens Teaching Concept & Screens Teaching Concept & Screens Teaching Concept & Screens

* Typing Test TQ, Typing Invaders and 10 Finger BreakOut are integrated into TypingQueen

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... One of the best features of TypingQueen is showing the use of typing fingers in the early stages of learning. As a result the eyes are focussed on the screen not on the fingers. 
We have a student with reading difficulties so the presentation of TypingQueen makes the learning process a lot easier for her as well as for others.
The smiley faces provide encouragement and assist the students in slowing down and becoming accurate instead of speeding along making errors.
There is lots more but last of all the games are great. The games reinforce the learning and provide the students with a bit of fun when the brain gets tired of concentrating on the more formalised. 
Students who were resistant are now keen wanna be typists.

Thanks Giletech.

Stephanie Tchan, Typing lecturer / Campus Coordinator
Great Southern TAFE Denmark Campus, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, 6333


German version : Maschinenschreiben